Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one." - Stephane Nappo

Information security has also been a challenge to the corporate world with an increasing number of cyber threats. Large corporations depend on data and essential information that they collect from customers, stakeholders and vendors to operate. It has become one of the most pressing concerns in the 21st Century. With the internet becoming cheap and easily available to the general public, the rate of cybercrime has skyrocketed in recent years. The biggest threat is faced by online businesses and companies. They are often targeted by cybercriminals for malware and ransomware attacks to extort money and to carry out other devious schemes. InfosecEngine was set up with the goal of ensuring a safe online environment for our clients and customers.

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Cyber Law Consulting
  • Application Security
  • Training & Awareness
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Cyber security is much more than IT

Established in 2020, InfosecEngine specialises in providing Governance, Risk and Complaince services. We also have expertise in providing cyber law consulting services. Thus, we aim at educating people about the importance of cybersecurity practices through training and awareness programs. Our main focus has always been to make sure that our customers feel safe on the online platforms and grow their businesses without any hindrance.

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Our vast experience and skillsets can help you achieve your goals

At InfosecEngine, our professionals are experienced enough to make your online presence and activities completely secure. Founded and led by Shraddha Chaturvedi, she has dedicated herself to building a safe online space for her clients. We work hard and closely with our clients in order to eliminate the risk of security breaches. Therefore, ensuring a secure environment where the business of our clients can grow. We focus on completely fixing the security issues rather than determining the vulnerabilities in the existing system only. Also, we make use of powerful automation, integrations and advanced technologies to fortify the systems and business processes of the clients completely.

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Why choose us?

Customer satisfaction is one of the key aspects that we focus on greatly. So, our experts are available around the clock to provide our clients with any kind of support they require. InfosecEngine also runs several tests and assessments to make sure that the applications that you are developing or your existing system are completely robust and invulnerable.

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