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Redefining Online Security

Data breaches due to threats emerging from new technology everyday can affect the security of a company immensely. Any mishandling of the personal data of your customers or breach of privacy can have a serious effect on the image of the customer. Thus, a company must pay special attention to the Governance, Risk and Compliance measures of the data. The GRC solutions are needed to be closely integrated into the processes of the business in order to bring transparency and build trust regarding the data policy of the company. It also helps in saving the image and prevents any losses for the company as well. InfosecEngine offers unique Governance, Risk and Compliance services by covering all the key regulations that help the clients to build and manage a solid GRC environment.

Started under the firm leadership of Shraddha Chaturvedi, InfosecEngine started its journey in 2020 with the aim of providing the highest quality of cyber security solutions. With our secured service, we aim to provide full protection to the clients from ever-increasing cyber threats. The GRC service that we at InfosecEngine offer is a brilliant one. It enables our clients to benefit from the skilled GRC professionals and experienced consultants that we have. These professionals help the clients to implement and manage their GRC environment with all the necessary advice and guidance.

Following National & International Standards

We generally focus on some key aspects to simplify it for our clients’ benefit. At InfosecEngine, we provide extra focus on the matters of regulatory compliance, data protection and IT Risk management and compliance. We make sure that the systems of our clients are in compliance with all the new regulations such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC-2 Type 1 and Type 2 audit consulting, NIST, PCI DSS and GDPR. Also, InfosecEngine offers consultations to clients and do gap assessments to help them comply with all the recognised international standards as well as certifications.

InfosecEngine fortifies your Privacy

InfosecEngine takes customer satisfaction very seriously. Thus, we are always with you through the complete data protection journey. From consultancy, detailed analysis to implementation of the proper GRC solutions and continuous management, we will be there through every step of the process. Our professionals and experts are always there for you. In fact, our professionals are always ready to provide any assistance necessary at a moment’s notice. Hence, our clients will never have to feel helpless.

At InfosecEngine, we aim at fortifying your systems as per the highest global standards. As a result, we analyse your system thoroughly and find any blind spots to take all the necessary steps to make your data privacy completely invulnerable. More importantly, we also provide you with continuous data monitoring as well. Hence, we are always one step ahead of any threat to protect your precious data from harm’s way. So, opt for our GRC consulting and auditing services and ensure seamless growth for your company. Now, your data will remain under full security.