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Why Cyber Security?

The rate of cybercrime has been on the rise ever since the internet was made cost-effective and available for everyone. Your highly confidential data is always at risk here and there are high chances to get targeted by cybercriminals. To ensure the safety and security of the people, several legislations were made at the international as well as the national level. Indian government passed the Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 to ensure the protection of Indians against cyber threats. Apart from ensuring the security of online transactions, the IT Act also ensures the security of information and data. The Indian government also amended the Indian Penal Code to include cybercrime as a penal offence.

Despite different legislations, people even today do not have a clear idea of what steps to take if they fall victim to any cybercrime. Most of the lawyers in the country are not so well-versed in cyber laws and their implications. Thus, in most cases, the criminals go unpunished. At Infosec Engine, we seek to change that scenario by providing proper guidance and counselling to our clients. Even if you have little to no knowledge, we are here to keep you help you understand every detail. Our cyber lawyers as well as advisors have are well versed in different cyber laws. They also have several years of experience in processing cases and ensuring justice for the victims of cybercrimes.

Our Expertise

Under our Cyber Law Consultation Service, we offer proper legal guidance and advice on Phishing, Fake Social Media profiles, Defamation, Data theft, Software Piracy, Online Banking fraud, E-Commerce issues and several other criminal activities that victimise people over the cyberspace. During our consultation sessions, we take the details of your case, listen to you carefully and jot down the problems that are existing in your system. Based on the details, we strategically advise you on how to formulate the case under the right legal clause such that you get the deserved justice. Furthermore, our lawyers and advisors also make you aware of the latest trends in the cybercrimes that are on the rise to help you beware of any mishap.

InfosecEngine securing your online presence

Besides, when you are trusting Infosec Engine with your company’s online security, we also provide excellent awareness training to your employees as well. The human factor can often create vulnerability even if your system is up to date and completely fortified. Thus, it is very important to educate your employees on the aspects of cybercrimes and how to deal with them efficiently to avoid any mistakes. Our advisors coach your employees and make them aware of different rules, regulations, compliances and legislations that need to be followed. We also educate them on the tricks that criminals use to extort information or create vulnerabilities such that your employees can avoid them easily. Through our training, we make sure that your employees become efficient and completely aware such that they can perform at their best without even a shred of doubt in their minds.  Thus, Infosec Engine offers a 360-degrees solution and you can stay a step ahead of scammers and frauds.