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A poorly coded application can bear a lot of risks. It makes your company vulnerable to potential threats which lead to chances for data and security breaches. At InfosecEngine, we utilise our skills and knowledge to make sure that the applications that our clients’ develop are fool-proof and protected from any breach whatsoever. We assess the security of different applications, be it web, mobile or desktop in order to make sure that the precious data of our clients are always safe from any kind of cyber threat. Whether the data is stored locally or remotely, we keep our clients completely safe from any kind of trouble.

No matter what programming language your application is based on, every programming language has its unique quirks and loopholes. We minutely study the applications and detect if there is any vulnerability risk in your application before it goes live on the internet.  Here at InfosecEngine, we conduct a thorough review of your code. If we find some issue with your code, we directly communicate with your senior developers as well as architects to rectify the issues.

During our reviews, we identify if any mistake was made during the development of the application. Besides, we also guide you on the steps that need to be taken in order to eliminate the risks and improve the quality of the software. We also scrutinize the source code of your application to check if any vulnerability lies there. Also, we focus on providing cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Nowadays, many mobile applications are used in the corporate sector and all thanks to the invention of mobile phones for being such a game-changer. As a result, there is a great need to strengthen the security of these mobile applications since they can pose a great threat to the integrity of your system and data. At InfosecEngine, we implement the best in class device management policies and different control measures.

We further make use of different Mobile Application Management or MAM solutions to fortify the security of your system and application completely. InfosecEngine also makes sure that the application is in perfect compliance with the security policies of your organization. Also, we help in training your employees. Thus, they will be completely aware of how to use the application in the correct way to share vital corporate data without creating any breach.

We at InfosecEngine are dedicated to providing complete support to our clients to assure that their applications are completely safe. Hence, we also conduct a thorough penetration assessment of your applications. This helps us to identify the loopholes that cybercriminals can exploit to penetrate into your system. Once we find the potential risks, we immediately take the necessary steps to eradicate them from the system and keep your application safe. Furthermore, we also conduct third party security checks to keep your application completely fortified at multiple levels.

For us at InfosecEngine, our clients are most important. So, we make use of every ounce of our skills and experience to secure your applications. Thus, offering top-notch quality and perfect protection from any kind of threat.